29 ноября 2015 г.

Трагедія в бухті Таїджі Please tell EVERYONE you know about Taiji

November 19 marked the 15th drive of the 2015-2016 Taiji dolphin and small whale slaughter. Three hours into the hunt, and as the first boats were heading into the harbor, the fleet suddenly turned back out to sea and separated into two formations. The ruthless Taiji fishermen found the first pilot whales of the season!

Hours later, approximately 69-74 pilot whales were netted into the killing cove and held overnight. A sign posted in the water declared these highly intelligent beings to be the "property" of the Isana Fisheries Association.

The slaughter began early the next morning. 

On November 20, the killers used the outboard motors of their skiffs to push the pilot whales under the tarps; 11 were slaughtered. One terrified individual was removed from the pod and taken captive. Blood stained the waters of the cove for hours.

For a second night, the surviving pilot whales were held in the cove.

Over the course of the next day, another 21 individuals were slaughtered. Those who were still alive were left to swim in the blood of their slain family members. As the banger boats transferred lifeless bodies to the butcher house, they repeatedly passed by the one captive pilot whale in the harbor pens.

The confused, frantic and starving survivors of Day 2 were netted in the cove for a third night. They huddled together, spyhopping and crying out. 

As Day 3 of this despicable slaughter unfolded, 14 more exhausted pilot whales were pushed under the tarps and killed. 

Then, in an act of utter cruelty, the Taiji fishermen DUMPED the juveniles, who are too small to count against their quota, at sea. Our Cove Guardians Livestreamed as one small pilot whale drowned as the killers attempting to drag the terrified animal out to sea.

Throughout this three-day ordeal, the skiffs repeatedly ran over pilot whales. Several drowned from the sheer terror of this nightmarish ordeal.

Through it all, our Cove Guardians NEVER left the Cove. Mary and her dedicated crew of volunteer Cove Guardians NEVER left the pilot whales. 

Sea Shepherd has vowed that no dolphin or small whale driven into the cove will go unseen by our cameras. We are here in Taiji every single day of the dolphin drive hunt season, as we have been since September 2010. We are the eyes and ears of the world, and we need your help.


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